Secret of Balanced Relationship

sexSome people say that only sex can make a strong bond in human relationship. But sex without true love is simply an animal relationship and that does not last long. At a certain period both of them feel that it is empty. It can give them nothing more than a cheap ephemeral pleasure. In another point of view, sex without love is totally immoral and unethical; as there is no, even little, respect for the human body when there is no feeling and emotion between the couple. We can consider it as craziness, because most of the time it leads to more absurdity and immorality.

If we consider about prostitution, treason, rape, in a word, every violent manifestations of absurdity and immorality of the world, then we easily realize that sex without any kind of feeling or spiritual relation between any couple can just provoke much damage to the human psyche. We see in our society most of the mental illnesses get their origin in immoral and illegal love affairs and finally that have very tragic and terrible consequences. Sex without love is just the beginning of bipolar disorder and psychosis, as the human being feels and thinks that he or she is only an immoral animal, nothing else, and his or her psyche cannot accept such type of misery.

Alternatively, love without sex must not be considered as a balanced relationship because in that case, it is not natural and this only means that the love between couple is not real. A lot of women avoid sexual relationships with their desire companions. They claim that they just want to be held in their companions’ arms and feel loved, without the necessity and obligation of a sexual relationship. If they do not have that intention, then we can say actually they do not love their companion. And it is quite dangerous, because after some days they may get very attracted to somebody else, and in this way they will be tempted to commit adultery and cheating on their good husbands. Additionally, they may suffocate the sexual desires and thus, acquire several psychological problems. And those problems will seem to be incomprehensible. However, that will be quite real, and as dangerous as the absence of feelings. So, the couples who love without sex check your status.

Actually what is the definition of a balanced relationship? A really perfect and balanced love relationship depends on only when sexual attraction and love both exist simultaneously between the couple. So, without the one or without the other, it is true that, the relationship can simply become problematic. Maybe the problems remain hidden for some days, but those will appear one day, even if they are suffocated for several years. So, you should pay attention to all things very carefully when it is a matter of relationship. You should always try to be morally correct, and despise neither your heart nor your body when you select your companion. Always try to be honest to your partner and want to know his or her requirements.


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