Orgasms Better for Women

Womens Orgasm

Psychologist Dr Lisa Turner, a leading expert, recently said women who get thrills from regular orgasms are much more likely to be successful at work and healthy. He said that male partner lose energy through orgasm whereas female partner are empowered by them and gain clarity of thought. It is really amazing. According to his statement, the right type of orgasm will “massively increase your energy.”

However, previous research showed that 28% of women hardly ever, or never, achieve full orgasm, and a lot of resort to faking it. But now Turner study has showed that good orgasms improve health and mental concentration. That’s why, good orgasms help women perform better at work than their counter part. She says “You will feel more vital, healthy, and energized.” So, try to satisfy your partner with good orgasms to get better performance from her.


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