Unveil Sex Secrets

Dissatisfied Sex LifeEveryone is looking for sex secrets these days, because so many couples are dissatisfied with their sex life. Many people don’t realize that there are very simple solutions available to them. The truth is that the secrets to great sex aren’t as mysterious and elusive as one might think.

There are three main reasons that couple’s aren’t experiencing the level of pleasure they desire in their sexual relationship.

The sexual needs of men and women are unique and very few people understand these differences and know what to do about them. Many of these differences are a result of biology, not choice.

For instance, men and women need to be touched in different ways, the most satisfying positions for men are not usually the same as they are for women and a woman’s taste in adult videos is quite different than a mans are just a few examples. To learn more about the unique sexual needs of men and women and discover hundreds of secrets to increase your sexual pleasure and be viewed as an incredible lover, you may want to take a look at The Lovemaking Smorgasbord by Cynthia Perkins.

Men and women are keeping many secrets about sex hidden from their partner. Even among married couples or those who’ve been together a long time, many people tend to hide very big pieces of themselves because they are afraid they will be rejected or criticized.

Many couples are not honest with each other about what they desire and need sexually, because they’re uncomfortable talking about it or unaware of their needs. For women, one the most common secret is that he’s not satisfying her and she’s pretending that he is. For men, they often hide some of their deepest fantasies.

Many couples don’t know how to communicate with one another about what they need sexually to be satisfied. They often falsely believe that everything will just fall into place naturally. While some things do have a natural course of action, specific needs, desires and preferences must be shared for ultimate pleasure. If there isn’t adequate communication, all the sex secrets in the world will not bring you results.

The solution to these problems lies in knowledge of self and your lover and the willingness to truly share yourself with your partner. It also involves the willingness to remain open and adventurous.

Sharing your sexual needs, desires, turn ons, fantasies etc, is one of the most intimate acts you can engage in. The great thing about intimacy and great sex is that they feed one another. Intimacy leads to more satisfying sex, while sex that is deeply pleasurable encourages more intimacy.

Another crucial secret for great sex lies in creating more passion. A relationship that is lacking in passion cannot possibly result in truly satisfying sex.

Some of the best kept sex secrets have nothing to do with the actual sex act itself. They are about understanding and respecting the differences between men and women, really getting to know your partner, deepening intimacy and strengthening your relationship.

The secret to great sex is not just one move, technique, position or tips; it’s a combination of many things. It is the result of a good relationship, chemistry, and skill mixed together.


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