Type of Sex Crime

proseIt is very common when we open a news paper and we see a lot of sex crimes are occurred in all over the world. Surprisingly, in spite of strict laws, these crimes are increasing. But what is sex crime and why people do it? Actually, all sex crimes are closely related to human instincts. As a biological creature, every individual has sexual drives and sexual urges. And when those urges become uncontrollable and irrepressible, some individuals are sometimes driven to such acts that society never approve of. In some cases those acts may not be criminal. However, when the acts are considered as criminal, the punishments are often very much severe and rigorous.

There are various kinds of sex crime. Among those, prostitution, a centuries-old practice, is one of the most striking forms of sex crimes. Prostitution is the selling of one’s sex. In many cities and towns have some hotels, rest house, guest house or brothel where prostitutes provide their services. But when prostitutes are caught by law enforcing agency, often they do not sentence for much jail time as they are seen as victims. On the other hand, when clients of prostitutes who are generally men, (because prostitutes are typically women) are caught they can face much jail time or sentence for severe punishment.

Sometimes, prostitution could be much popular that often prostitution businesses start up. There can be many brothels, where women come to work, similar to like other community go to the office. Such as, female person may go to any brothel from 8 pm to 5 am. Like other office they will stay there for that period, and interested men will come in there to make sex with them. Moreover, there could be prostitution rigs whereby interested women are one way or another networked in the web of business that brings customers to prostitutes. It is noted here, Eliot Spitzer, Ex New York Governor, was caught having sex with a prostitute who was part of a prostitute ring. And that time the incident raised a storm all over the world.

There is another kind of sex crime is known as child pornography and statutory rape. Basically, child pornography means any sexually explicit material involving kids under the age of 18. In every country, it is illegal and prohibited for children to view pornography, and it is also illegal for kids to take part in pornography. On the other hand, statutory rape occurs when anybody over 18 has sex with somebody under 18. This crime is particularly severe were when the adolescent is very young. For an example, recently R&B singer R. Kelly was charged and acquitted of charges of statutory rape. And it violently harms his fame. Having sex slaves is other sorts of sex crime. Typically, sex slaves are brought from another especially poor country. Most of the time, they are imprisoned in someone’s residence and forced to have sex with that person or his mob, who purchases them from middlemen.

Usually, conviction of a sex crime consequence is in a long prison sentences as well as social ostracization. Additionally, people who have sexual relations with kids, for instance, become called sex offenders. Their names are put on a national database. As a result, their regular life, like getting a job, mix with other people becomes very difficult. On the other their inner mind continuously get hurt morally.


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