Birth Control Pills

Many different forms of birth control out that can really help people prevent unwanted pregnancy. Men and women both can use different forms of birth control in order to prevent the fertilization process from happening. In recent several years, the

Sex in Old Age

A lot of people think that any older person should never think about sex. Even they think an older individual will not want to get intimate relationship. If truth be told, it is not quite true. It is not denying that human are sexual beings. So, all

Sex during Pregnancy

It is been wonder by millions of couple around the world if sex is safe during the pregnancy period. The answer is yes as long as your health care provider advises you. The baby is protected by the amniotic fluid in the womb, by abdomen, and by the

Pick Appropriate Condom

There are so many diseases which can be transmitted in another body during sexual intercourse. So, we should careful always during any sexual activities. Sometimes people make sex but do not want pregnancy. There is a one thing which make you tension